5 Chandeliers Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

Top 5 Chandeliers Décor Ideas for small and large spaces

5 Chandeliers Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

Chandeliers scream grandness and regalness. We often remember crystal chandeliers from Disney movies or royal Mughal courtyard pictures.

Thus, it has become a common notion that you need a prominent place to put chandeliers. But that’s utterly wrong.

Chandeliers can fit anywhere. From your 2BHK apartment to your two-story bungalow, you can hang chandeliers anywhere to spark your house’s interior.

Thanks to brands like Sparc Lights, you can today find chandeliers in all different sizes. You can buy chandeliers in India suitable to your room’s dimensions in no time.


Well, yes. Just follow this guide, and we will show you how you can find the right chandelier for your small space with some simple decorating ideas.



How to Find the Right Chandelier for a Small Space?

The first step that you should take to find the right chandelier for your home is calculating your room dimensions. You need to ensure that the chandelier is not too big or small for your room.

Here is a simple formula to calculate the perfect chandelier size based on your room dimensions. Simply add up your room’s length and breadth dimensions in feet, and its equivalent in inches will be your ideal chandelier size.

For example, if the length of your room is 20 feet and the breadth is 40 feet, it adds up will be 60 feet. So, turning it into inches, you should get a 60 inches long chandelier for your room.

Besides this, you should consider your room’s other interior decor elements and proportions before selecting the chandelier. In small spaces, it is always considered a good idea to maintain uniformity.

So, if your room has a linear form, it is best to buy a chandelier with linear dimensions. It will look odd to hang an oval-shaped chandelier in your linear kitchen.

5 Perfect Chandeliers for Small Spaces

If you have a small space, hanging chandelier lights will make your home look more significant and regal. But, you have to choose chandeliers for small areas smartly. Otherwise, you might ruin your home decor.

Here are a few simple ideas to decorate your home with chandeliers:

1. Fan Chandelier

Fan Chandelier are dual-purpose chandeliers. They can brighten up and cool up your place altogether. The best part about these chandeliers is that you don’t have to hang lights and fans separately on your ceiling. On one spot, you will get light and fan features, which are perfect for small spaces.

2. Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier help to reflect light. These chandeliers are lightweight and don’t make your space look stuffed. For a small dining and living room, crystal chandeliers are perfect for adding a glamorous touch.

3. Italian Chandelier

Italian Chandelier are magnificent pieces of beauty. These chandeliers are available in exotic structure dimensions. If you have an open living room and dining area, you can use an Italian chandelier to separate both areas.

4. Vintage Chandelier

If you have an old house, vintage chandelier are a perfect way to capture the aura of your home and give it a modern spin. Also, if you like to lighten up candles, vintage chandeliers are suitable for you.

5. Single Hanging Light

This is not precisely a chandelier. But, when you have a small place to decorate, like your study room or kitchen, you can hang a single light too. You can use multiple single lights to create an industrial-style interior.

Where Can I Buy Chandeliers in India?

Sparc Lights is where you can buy chandeliers and other home lighting fixtures. We have an exclusive range of chandeliers in different styles and sizes. You can easily find the perfect size chandelier for your small space at our shop.

So, let’s start shopping!

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